About Us

We are ⓧtreme mask up" we sell Retail & Wholesale trendy face masks The company’s management wanted to establish a modern and friendly brand to provide positivity during this troubled time.

 After several months of hard-working for trying to "perfect" everything, we are, finally, pleased enough to start sharing about the project that we have been working on and developing.

 The main goal of this brand is to provide people with alternatives and possibilities, as our conscious approach, based on our experience, is represented in high-efficiency or quality designs made in Istanbul, and at affordable prices, we produce modern face masks, designed  and developed to suit all face shapes.

For us, we believe that fashion is a type of art for self-expression and is an inspiration for others.  It is a simple and high-quality daily face mask with a practical sense of the ingenuity of beauty in terms of details, and the thinking that takes into account the needs of life. The face mask is now a personal belonging that is easy to express.

Our masks are made of high quality, washable, reusable cotton, and feature five layers of protection.